Epinome is a highly interactive, dynamic and user-centric data visualization workbench designed to facilitate user perception and comprehension of an unfolding disease outbreak.

Epinome supports visualizing multiple decision points associated with outbreaks by enabling the user to specify which control measures to apply (e.g., antibiotics, quarantine, or vaccination) in building a custom outbreak dashboard.

To support training and review Epinome records users’ interactions, decisions, and management of the workbench environment. The Epinome system is a proven design refined with field tests conducted in 2009 with public health practitioners with a wide range of expertise in the states of Utah and Colorado.[1]



Published: [1] AMIA Annu Symp Proc. 2010; 2010: 647–651., PMCID: PMC3041367, Epinome – A Novel Workbench for Epidemic Investigation and Analysis of Search Strategies in Public Health Practice, Yarden Livnat, PhD, Per Gesteland, MD, MS, Jose Benuzillo, MA, MS, Warren Pettey, MPH, CPH, Dan Bolton, MS,Frank Drews, PhD, Heidi Kramer, BS, and Matthew Samore, MD